18 Aug

I can appreciate those who offer suggestions with actions. Yesterday I received some hair products from a natural hair journeymen (woman) as a token of good will. Thank you for taking the time to extend your products to me so that I may have an Afro as BIG as yours!

Over the course of this journey I have met some interesting people. It been good that they are sprinkled between those who aren’t on a similar journey because it gives me a chance to compare and contrast the way people natural hair. I often get a good laugh when some of my old timers come through and have a word with me. They asked me, ” Why you walking around looking like that!” They would be referring to the natural look I rock. I laugh and say,” When are you going to show us young folks how its done.” She’d say, ” Never!” lol. We’d laugh and start talking about what ever. Then I would run into my natural friends and we’d have a meet-of-like-minds conversation. We talk about some of the issues we’re faced with or what we’ve seen. Those conversation help though they’re spotty and here and there. They feel like anchors that keep the ship from drifting in the direction of the tide.

It also helps that my wife has gone natural. After a long day her natural hair makes her like a lighthouse on the shore. If I don’t get any good reaffirming conversations or positive feedback she is there with her Teenie Weenie Afro (TWA) as a reminder that we are in this thing together. That if anything else makes it a lot easier.



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2 responses to “Thanks!

  1. Natural-disiac

    August 18, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    Great read as usual! I have to say that I have met a lot of people on my journey as well that has offered products and advice. It has been refreshing to me because they see my excitement and just want to contribute or be part of that in some way. I am honored that you mentioned me in your blog as someone that you actually look at. I love my hair and I love that we are on a natural journey together. You inspire me…the freedom that you have with this is like a firecracker on the inside of me. I love it! Keep it going! It’s positive and very exciting. I look forward to reading your blogs about your journey.

  2. Natrodisiac

    August 19, 2011 at 11:42 pm

    I inspire you? I guess we inspire each other thanks. No problem on the blog shout outs!


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