No Combs Allowed!

17 Aug

I have toyed with the thought. You know, not combing my hair. I have looked in the mirror repeatedly trying to justify why I comb/ pick my hair everyday only to go for it and pick it out. When I am done styling my hair, it flourishes. It fills out nicely. It looks great. So why break something that isn’t broken. Because it still misses the core of my personality somehow. It’s not free enough, me enough. In this journey I have had a few setbacks. I have had the thinning issue on my crown and some locticans who I wanted to give my business to but couldn’t. In doing so, Those setbacks encouraged me to rethink where I am with this transformation and start from there. Ultimately not combing my hair with a tool but styling my hair with my hand/ fingers will stimulate my scalp better and allow my hair to kink up more. That gets me excited! I found this part of me only when I was rejected and required to use more patience as I continue to transition. My kinks form naturally, my pick (that wretched tool…lol) keeps them detangled and standing at attention next to one another, when all they (strands of hair) really want to do is co-mingle and love one another! Lets love and be natural with one another. lol…


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One response to “No Combs Allowed!

  1. Natural-disiac

    August 17, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    Love this blog! Especially when you said, “Because it still misses the core of my personality somehow. It’s not free enough, me enough.” I love the freedom that you have found on your loc journey. It is very refreshing to know that you can be you–naturally–in whatever your definition of “being you naturally” really is. I love it. I love your spirit. I love your passion that you have. I can’t wait to see you loc—you are super sexy now–just wait boy ima have yo baby. LOLOLOL j/k Very good read!


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