Why touch?

11 Aug

Am I crazy or this really happening? I watch video logs of various people’s journeys with growing dreads. In doing so, a few youtubers have said that as one of their pet peeves is when people touch, pull or rub their hair! I am took it is crazy but highly infrequent. Of course, at this stage in my journey I don’t have this issue. Mainly because I do not have locks…yet! As an outsider looking in I am really trying to grasp why is this happening? Then I went on CNN’s website doing some research on some other topics when I ran across a story that was so similar to what I had been hearing on youtube.

Click on that link and be shocked at the national attention that touching someone’s natural hair is getting. I am still processing the whole thing! What do I do if I am so lucky? lol!


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Posted by on August 11, 2011 in dreadlocks, Dreads


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