The Opinionated Ones

09 Aug

Without out reading one history book I would gamble that a Black person’s hair would kink up and lock well before Jamaicans made it global sign of rebellion or a token of pride in the Black community. I would even go as far to say before there were slaves and an oppressed group of people a person’s hair would lock and become matted together naturally. Over the years, locked hair has taken on many forms and meanings. It is has cross cultures over its evolution and has made an impact wherever they are found. So what makes them so negative by some today? I get those who have decided it is not their hairstyle of choice. I am thinking of those who are the opinionated ones. The people who have decided to voice their opinion within earshot of your presence. They are their own proclaimed subject matter experts (sme). Someone convinced them that they should eradicate the world of anything that they deem unacceptable to them. They stand at their post, on guard, ready to fire their mouths off without regard to you as a person.


What you have decided of yourself to be I have made it my business not to judge. In fact, if I were a shapeshifter and could change into an inanimate object I would be a sling shot. Your rock would go as far in my world. So when I walk by feeling good about myself, my look and ultimately my decision to look as I do keep your opinions to yourself if they aren’t positive. If they are positive rest assured I will take your comment or compliment in stride and keep it moving, but if by chance you feel brash and want to share your lack of concern for what I have decided I want to be then be forewarned I will be a mirror to your remarks and will not cut one corner so that my words won’t pass you.


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