Auto Pilot

08 Aug

One thing I like about my afro is that it is so random when I don’t comb it but after I oil it up. I have really had days where I have had the mind not to comb my hair. As crazy as it sounds I am feeling Lenny Kravitz like. I want the freeformed wild but beautiful like nature hair do! Man where am I these days. At 38 I can hear the crowds saying I am suppose to have that one predictable style I rock everyday. I am supposed to be hitting the barber shop every Friday and playing it safe and typical man like. I feel you. I hear that. But as a matter of self empowerment I can’t comply. Life was meant to lived, sampled. It was not meant to be a caution tale of following the masses. If so, take my mind out of my head and give me the script. But even then I will read it my way!



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Posted by on August 8, 2011 in dreadlocks, Dreads


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