11 Jun

Welp. I have never cared about another man’s grade of hair. Honestly I haven’t. But ever since I have been on this journey I have become more and more aware of my hair and my hair issues. I spoke with my loctician to be on yesterday and she didn’t seem alarmed about the thinning on my crown because of the overall performance of the growth of my hair. Admittedly I can see it filling in, just at a much slower rate than I care for. So in truth I am only mildly alarmed at this particular spot in my head. I was calming down until today when I saw a brother with a head full of mature locks and a bald spot on his crown! I mean come on! Did I have to see that. Did he have to happen to walk in front of me so that I could get a uninterupted stare at his locks. Assuming the answer is yes because I got all that I could stand for that moment. I just looked away and started in on myself. Thinking about my bird’s nest, landing zone or George Jefferson styled do was getting to be a little overwhelming after seeing my fear in 3D. So I am going to have to purge my thoughts of what I witnessed and put my fears to rest or else I am going to go crazy!


Like I said my loctician said that it was just a slow spot.

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