Secretly I wish…

03 Jun

Secretly I wish there were more dreadlock brothers out there like me or what I aspire to be. I am not a thug.Though there are more thuggish men wearing locks in the circles that I travel. I am not hardcore in the sense that I came up hustling on the streets. I had a typical life by the standards of how children are raised today. I grew up in a single parented home by an educated mother. My father was in and out of my life for the majority of my youth; even so, I was able to piece together a decent lifestyle when I grew older. All that to say I would like to see more people like myself. I think I am a well to do middle classed guy who can hold a job. After all, I have done just that since I was 15 years old. I am open to more than just the stereotypical things that a black man is expected to like. For instance, I like all music (except country, bluegrass and the like),I enjoy kayaking and photography. It humors me that that makes me different. But I didn’t make the rules or write the book. I just want to see those guys walking around sporting their locks. It would do my internal eyes some good. If I don’t see those brothers I am still committed to my journey, I just would like to talk to and meet more dreadlocked or soon to be dreadlocked guys like me.


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