eeny meny miny mo!

13 May

Anytime you undertake something new there are so many options to choose from. Having brother locks are no different. I have heard a million ways to make your locks beautiful. You tube has a plethora of information! I laugh at myself as I say that but yeah, I have been a junkie as of late. Let me be clear, I am serious about having nice dreads so I have done more research than that. I have checked out several books and plan to buy a few, talked with several brothers and sisters who wear them well and not so well, and talked with some professionals. All of whom have their unique perspectives on how to wear your locks. With so many perspectives, I have decided to find the one common denominator. The common denominator is natural hair. What I have found is that it makes the most sense to invest in natural products (ingredients) and techniques.

Who’s out?

  • Beeswax is out.
  • Stiff gels are out.
  • products with alcohol, fragrances, and colors…out.

What’s in?

  • Olive oil for cooking (thickens your hair and encouraging growth)
  • Castor oil as a moisturizer and hair stimulant
  • Baby shampoo because its gentle enough for frequent use.
  • Drinking water
  • Vitamins

Anchors in the ocean, so I can put wind in my sail…opps hair!


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