Its been a long time comin, but a change is gon come!

09 May

I have decide that I want dreadlocks. I have wanted them for years. As far back as 15 years ago, I have longed for the courage to change my hair. As time went on and jobs change I never lost that desire,  just courage. My jobs seem to want to project a professional image. To that I say, “Define professional.” Then 15 years later my wife (Natural-disiac) got the bug. She wanted dreads, the look of an Afrocentric woman. I was shocked to hear that but encouraged all over again. In my heart I have always wanted dreads. So the journey has begun, I am in pursuit of the dreaded look! The Bald Don is no more, tomorrow I am going to get a my first line in years!


week 1

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Posted by on May 9, 2011 in Dreads


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